Kaitlyn Hatch, a story of a creative polymath

Earlier this year I met a remarkable woman, Kaitlyn Hatch. If I were to describe her talents, I would not know where to begin. If I were to label her as one thing or another, I’d do her injustice. But I do want to introduce her, so I’ll call her Creative Polymath.

Kaitlyn writes, designs, promotes, draws, crafts and is addicted to learning. Currently working for a charity, being responsible for their brand development, she also works as a freelance graphic designer, writes books and reads Tarot…

Earlier this year she published a thought-provoking manual Wise at Any Age, which is a beautifully illustrated handbook to cultivate wisdom. Most recently, Kaitlyn designed a logo, Twitter header and Facebook banner for Life Tonic and I cannot recommend her enough as a designer who listens.

This creative polymath creates under the brand Faunawolf Creations. Custom-designed shoes, anyone?



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