Wendy Coad, a Miami-based contemporary artist

photoI met Wendy Coad at the ArtCenter in Miami, dedicated to support contemporary artists in Florida. The space contains expositions of art as well as studios, where you can see artists at work, browse through their work and say hello.

Wendy has been an artist all her life. She was born in Canada, where she studied, then moved to New York, where she lived for 25 years.

Wendy has always been fascinated with the human figure. Previously, her work was monochromatic, using brown or charcoal colours to meditate on faces and body shapes.

photo paintingBut when I walked into her studio, I saw beautiful, light fabric gently dancing with the breeze, attached at the top to the canvas painted using bright palette of colours, full of summer joy. Wendy’s latest collection of work is a study of divers, mostly female, fearlessly jumping into the ocean. Each piece feels strong, yet sensual.

Wendy moved to Miami 5 years ago. She felt it was time to swap New York to a spot in the sun.

The new place has been most inspiring to her as an artist, and her work reflects just that: she is experimenting, working with unconventional shapes and using bright ‘Florida’ rather than sombre ‘New York’ colours. It is her first experiment with fabric, and it worked a treat.

A new place, a change of scenery, an adventure, a challenge may be all you need to discover your hidden talents or find inspiration for the journey ahead.



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