Let me introduce you to Robyn Exton

Sometimes you meet people who are so positive, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do that it’s contagious. Robyn Exton is one of those remarkable people: after meeting her I spent an afternoon wondering how I could bottle her energy and sell it to make a fortune.

Robyn’s background is in brand consulting, where she was helping businesses communicate their message in the digital world. She was once advising a client on how to market a dating website when she came up with an idea to create a dating service for women who want to date women.  Dattch is a free lesbian dating app which does just that. Easy?

A lot of the time we picture a road to success as a straight line, facing upward. In reality, the path is windy, curvy and never straightforward.

RobynBefore Robyn launched her app she learned to code, won back-up from Telefonica’s Wayra Academy, raised £100,000 of angel investor funding and did a lot of research to understand what would make or break a lesbian dating service.

Previous attempts to cater for this market have been ignorant at best, such as re-branding a male dating service Grindr into FindHrr and hoping it would catch. Dattch did a lot of market testing before coming up with an app which allows women to get to know each other well before meeting up. Its architecture is similar to Pinterest, as it uses visual imaging to show women’s favourite cafés, brands, parks, cities and other details, helping to make a connection. Dattch also verifies every single user before allowing them to use the service, making sure it is really Eve and not Steve…

I listen to Robyn and I think: “What a brave, beautiful woman”.  We often hear people toying with ideas, but some individuals actually go ahead and execute them, seemingly immune to challenges, hardship, failures and setbacks. One day I’ll bottle this fearlessness and sell it on Etsy..!



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