Ladies Who Impress on the journey of motherhood

I have recently interviewed these three amazing women, sharing their thoughts on the journey of motherhood. Please do share your own thoughts in the comments section below.

Ange and EthanAnge Randrianasolo, who looks after regulatory compliance  at BNP Paribas and runs GOSH Food is a mum of two: Salomé, twelve, and Ethan, five. She is now also a member of the Ladies Who Impress Club, I am happy to say!

Ange is fond of running and exercising with kettle bells, but a year ago she decided to take some ballet classes, something she used to love as a child in her native Nice. One day Ethan watched her dance and asked if boys too can do ballet. That night the family watched ballet videos on YouTube, and Ethan asked if he could join a ballet school.

EthanEthan is the only boy in his class and was at first shy about all the attention, but he was the star of the show at the end of the school year and is now very happy and proud of his performance.

Ange says that she never thought that being a mother is about sacrifice: on the contrary, for her, motherhood is a journey of giving, discovery, patience and love. Ange and her partner are very keen for their kids to discover what they like: Salomé does ballet, modern dance, plays violin and netball; Ethan enjoys capoeira and swimming but ballet is, perhaps, his true passion. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Move over, Billy Elliott!




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