Leap of Faith, a Ladies Who Impress celebration

Leap of Faith was the 7th(!) Ladies Who Impress event, celebrating courage and ingenuity of women who brave new territories, once discomfort with the status quo overweighs the fear of the unknown. We’ve talked about entrepreneurship, but also eyewear, travel and opera..!

Nadine Mortimer-Smith, Claire Goldsmith and Marianne Cantwell

Here are the highlights of the celebration…

For Nadine Mortimer-Smith it seemed the most natural thing in the world to write a business plan of how she would become an opera singer. Indeed, even with the most dramatic career changes, it pays to play to your strengths, and Nadine’s financial background in the City helped her find an investor to sponsor her for the first few years.

Jana Bakunina with Nadine Mortimer-Smith

Jana Bakunina with Nadine Mortimer-Smith

Nadine also revealed that she had got her first role before she received any formal training – her audition was impressive enough. If you are holding back because you don’t feel you are qualified to do something, just give it a go. You may surprise yourself…

At the end of her interview Nadine challenged five people in the audience to stand up and take on new challenges there and then. Five enthusiasts came up with fantastic ideas in the spirit of the moment, and if they think everyone’s forgotten all about it by now, they are wrong! I’ve put their pledges on a post-it note and even framed it!

Pledges Leap of Faith

You may like to visit Nadine’s website and sign up for her newsletter.

Marianne Cantwell admitted that a ‘Free Range’ career may not be for everyone, but she is certainly making the most of it, roaming around the world and inspiring people, stuck in career cages, to build their own businesses, based on their strengths and passions.

Marianne advised to be honest with yourself and remember that ‘Free Range’ life is a journey, with its inevitable ups and downs, changes and even u-turns. Once you’ve taken a ‘leap of faith’, you will probably continue ‘leaping’ every week but you won’t feel stuck…

Please visit Marianne’s website to find out about her Friday’s Love Letter, her courses and her book  Be a Free Range Human: Escape the 9 to 5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills.

Claire Goldsmith told a story of how she revived an iconic eyewear brand, worn by such fashionistas as Audrey Hepburn, Michael Caine and Grace Kelly. What’s interesting is that she made us think of a brand as a person: “No one likes arrogant or unpredictable people and the same applies to brands. Make yours likeable and consumers will follow.”

Claire certainly got it right for Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, now worn by Kate Moss, Yoko Ono, Damian Lewis, Kate Beckinsale and Lady Gaga, to drop a few names…

Claire also asked the audience, whether they spend more money on shoes or optical glasses – it’s some food for thought, given that most people first look at our faces not shoes… If you’d like to invest in a pair of glasses, you’ll find some ideas and a list of stockists here.

Claire Goldsmith

Claire Goldsmith

It’s been another great celebration – thank you so much for your continuing support! If you are not yet friends with Ladies Who Impress on social media, please join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. It’s where I post links to interesting, relevant articles, updates on Ladies Who Impress I’ve interviewed previously and share thoughts and inspiration on a daily basis. All photos from the last week’s event are also on Facebook.



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