Julie Ritter and a story of Floral Angels

Floral Angels

Last week I met a former journalist, Julie Ritter, who together with three other wonderful women, Frances Hunter, Gracia Lafuente and Amanda Romain set up a charity Floral Angels

The founders of Floral Angels

Frances Hunter, Gracia Lafuente, Julie Ritter and Amanda Romain

The co-founders met on a floral design course here in London and were astonished by the wastage within the floral industry. This coincided with them being at a time in their lives when they wanted to start giving back and so Floral Angels was formed.

Floral Angels recycles donated flowers from events, weddings and florists. These flowers are re-styled into bouquets of kindness and given to those in need. In their first year of operation they have delivered over 3,000 bouquets to hospices, women’s refuge centres and care homes.

Floral Angels share frequent updates via their page on Facebook. Have a look!



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