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Anyone who has a website, be it a blog or an online business would be familiar with frustration, experienced when formatting tools are failing to do what they are supposed to or when, following a software update, you need to teach yourself how to use a programme all over again. Last week I was about to write a new post on my website when instead of a visual editor in WordPress, I found myself staring at a blank space. I had no idea what to do, I was lost. This is when Jenny Jameson, a Dame in Shiny Armour, came to my rescue. She found the problem and helped me fix it. Phew, damsels in distress Ladies Who Impress may shine again!

Jenny the Webtech Wonder Woman

Jenny Jameson has 10 years of experience of working in IT and 3 years of teaching online tricks. Her speciality is tackling ‘tech baddies’ and helping less IT literate solopreneurs, like myself, launch their ideas online without worrying about lack of technical expertise.

Solopreneurs tap into her expertise of setting up websites, mailing lists, social media management, kindle publishing, e-course delivery and webinars and in turn get more creative with developing new products and services, using available technology.

A few years back, Jenny took a leap of faith and set up her own business, working on her own terms and doing what she loves: helping fun entrepreneurs thrive.

In her own words:


During my own solo journey over the last 12 months I’ve met many interesting people with fantastic ideas, stories and words of wisdom. Yet, people who stand out, are those who offered and did help. In business, as in life, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Jenny, aka Webtech Wonder Woman is currently running a limited offer for her Webtech Academy, specifically designed for creative solopreneurs. For details, visit Webtech Wonder Woman website



2 thoughts on “Jenny Jameson – Webtech Wonder Woman

  1. Jenny

    Thank you Jana! It was one of my goals to be featured by you and I’m so glad to be here!

    You’re an amazing woman and it’s a total honour to be on your site! Much love

    Jenny x


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