Jenni Crane, a story of a TV presenter

Jenni Crane

Today I asked myself:

“What was the most inspiring moment in the Ladies Who Impress journey?”

The answer is probably Mission Impossiblethe very first celebration. I dreamt up an event and pulled it off. What’s more, many more women were inspired that night to follow their dreams and set goals, big or small.

Jenni Crane’s “mission impossible” was to become a TV presenter. Very soon after the Ladies Who Impress celebration she left her job as a receptionist and put all her energy into applying for presenting roles, as well as continuing to record her own video diary, Jenni’s Journeys. In January she got a call from ETV Media looking for a presenter for Gala Live, an interactive online bingo show.

– Jenni, did you get the job?

– Of course! 

More seriously, Jenni is now collaborating with her producer and integrating her own ideas into the show. Her dream is to land a daytime TV presenting job, and Jenni is now waiting to hear from ITN about a work placement.

What I like about this story is that Jenni does not stop!

Good luck, Jenni, go get them!



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