A story of Phoebe Sherwood-Moore – inspired by acorns and squirrels

I just came back from a music festival which took place at Bentley Estate near Lewes. The Bentley Estate is beautiful with lush green meadows, bluebells in bloom at this time of year and a forest with a shady path and a plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. What a great idea to combine live music and tranquility of a forest retreat.

In the forest I met a talented young lady Phoebe Sherwood-Moore, who designs gorgeous jewellery in Lewes. Her work is inspired by the nature she grew up with: ancient oaks with their uniquely shaped leaves, acorn gems and forest creatures, such as playful squirrels.

I think her work is beautiful but understandably it is hard to break through as a young designer so Phoebe was temping at a café selling yummy coffee and cakes. Thank you for the cake, Phoebe, and best of luck for the future – your pieces are beautiful, they will sell themselves!

Pop into Phoebe’s shop and have a look…



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