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Happy Birthday, Ladies Who Impress!

Well, Happy Birthday, Ladies Who Impress! You are 1 year old – isn’t it something? Your mummy is proud of you 🙂

Exactly one year ago I was at a gig listening to an awesome Icelandic indie Of Monsters & Men. It was that night that the idea of Ladies Who Impress was born. And then … three fabulous celebrations later, we are growing a fan base, telling inspiring stories, celebrating successful, yet very real women and dreaming about the future.

But this is not what this article is about. One year ago, Ladies Who Impress was just an idea, a tiny spark, fuelled by a G&T (if I remember correctly), a fantasy, tuned to Love, Love, Love (my favourite Monsters’ song). A chief executive of a TV production company I respect immensely once told me that it is always tempting to think of an idea as key to success of a television format but actually it’s all about the execution. A show isn’t successful until it’s produced and either loved or slated by the audience. And I agree. It took a lot of thinking and planning, energy, courage, perseverance, getting help, calling favours and taking a giant leap of faith. One year ago, Ladies Who Impress was just an idea. A year on, it is my pride and joy.

And so I would encourage you, my dear ladies, to look back at something you’ve done or achieved in the past months or years and give yourself some credit for all the steps you’ve taken to get where you are today. And even if you’ve failed at something, it’s been an experience, so pat yourself on the shoulder for taking yourself through a valuable course at the school of life.

Remember, experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted…



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