Interview with personal stylist Esther Zimmer

Esther Zimmer came to a Ladies Who Impress celebration in April 2014. She has since become a member of the Ladies Who Impress Club and a friend, supporting both my mission to celebrate inspiring women and my journey as a solopreneur.

At the beginning of the interview I say that Esther’s story is inspiring. It’s not just in reference to her successful transition to a sustainable lifestyle doing what she loves: our conversation touched upon a couple of important questions: “Should women be judged by their looks?”, “How to turn your passion into a business?” and “How to carve out a niche in a crowded market?”. Esther did not arrive at her answers overnight, but spent months finding her own take on the styling industry, eventually finding her purpose and translating it into creating value for her clients. I am a big fan of conscious businesses and organisations: they truly stand out.

To find out more about Esther and her services, please visit



One thought on “Interview with personal stylist Esther Zimmer

  1. Esther Zimmer

    Dear Jana,

    I just wanted to say yet again how honoured I am to have been interviewed by you! Thank you so much, it’s amazing to be included in your long list of amazing women. I loved your introduction to the podcast too, I’m so glad I made it to Ladies Who Impress that early spring night, I found a place of inspiration and also a friend!

    Esther xx


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