A story of Edwina Dunn and the What I See project

Edwina portraitEdwina Dunn is a successful entrepreneur, who, together with her husband Clive Humby, founded dunnhumby, a company which pioneered worldwide loyalty programmes, such as Tesco’s Clubcard in 1989. By the time they retired in 2011, dunnhumby had grown to an organisation of 1,500 people, reaching 350m customers in 25 countries.

In February 2013 Edwina created a not-for-profit initiative What I See Project – a global exploration of women’s experiences, perception and self-expression. It is an online space where women’s voices can be heard and amplified, reminding us how fascinating, strong and extraordinarily original women are.

In the last 6 months over 500 women from 11 countries contributed their videos to the What I See Project, answering a simple, yet difficult question:

What do I see when I look at myself in the mirror?


I met Edwina in July and offered to help spread the word about the What I See Project at the next Ladies Who Impress celebration. On Friday, I’ll be asking my guests about their perception of their reflections and hopefully encourage all of us to be kinder and more accepting of ourselves.

Last night at the What I See Project reception in the Science Museum I met incredibly inspiring women: a tango teacher, two poets, a mathematician, a physics professor and a painter, to name but a few of the wonderful, interesting and interested women.

It made me realise that my mission to celebrate female role models and inspire women all over the world isn’t a one woman’s quest.

And so I have made my personal contribution to the What I See Project by recording and uploading my own video to their website. Who knows, you might be inspired to do the same and share your thoughts too…



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