Confidence with Alex Depledge, Kimberley Wilson and Sophie Campbell

In April 2014 we gathered at the gorgeous Grace Belgravia to celebrate talents, achievements and ingenuity of Ladies Who Impress and to get inspired to be more confident.

Sophie Campbell, Kimberley Wilson and Alex DepledgeWhy does confidence matter?

Often success in any role or endeavour depends on how well we take advantage of opportunities that come our way. And for that we need to be confident in our own abilities, trust that our skills are good enough and believe that such qualities as courage, tenacity and perseverance are as important as experience.

And confidence is something we can cultivate and simply put on, like make-up…

Here are some of the highlights from the night!
Alex Depledge with Jana Bakunina

Alex Depledge, one of the founders of, a website, which helps consumers find vetted cleaners in their neighbourhood, talked about her journey from being a management consultant at Accenture to starting her own online business with two friends.

“I don’t think of myself as an entrepreneur – it sounds too fancy. I am more of a grafter than an intellectual and believe in hard work.”

Before a meeting with intimidating investors, Alex gives herself a prep talk in front of the mirror to boost confidence. You may wish to follow Alex on Twitter.

Kimberley Wilson with a trademark smileKimberley Wilson is a counselling psychologist who loves a challenge, which is why she applied for the Great British Bake-Off series last year. She reached the final and now hopes to apply her creativity and tenacity to bake her own social enterprise. Stay tuned…

When asked what helps her feel more confident when she needs to, Kimberley said:

“It’s about keeping things in perspective. Yes, baking on a popular, competitive TV show may seem like the most important thing in the world, but at the end of the day, it’s just … a piece of cake.”

Sophie Campbell with Jana BakuninaSophie Campbell gave a candid account of what it’s really like to make a living from travel writing. Her story was also a masterclass in perseverance:

“Set yourself a deadline and keep going. A couple of months before I was ready to give up, my article was published and other broadsheets were soon after my work.”

Sophie built herself a well-balanced portfolio career, combining writing and guiding in London.

Her book, The Season, is now out in paperback.

A massive Thank You to Clare Stuart-Adams for taking wonderful photos in a semi-dark room, Anna Palinkas for recording a radio podcast and Grace Belgravia for accommodating us on the night!

Sophie Campbell, Kimberley Wilson, Alex Depledge and Jana BakuninaFor more photos from the night, please visit Ladies Who Impress page on Facebook.



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