A story of Dominique Caron and handmade soap

Dominique CaronDominique Caron, originally from Canada, lives in New York. For the past decade she has been working on major motion picture films and television series as a lighting technician. Buzz and all, it’s a crazy lifestyle, involving night shifts and working around the clock. A couple of years back Dominique and her partner took time off to travel in Patagonia. This is where I met her, trekking up Tronador glacier near Bariloche.

Inspired by nature, Dominique started thinking about creating a healthier, more sustainable and meaningful lifestyle for herself.

Fast-forward to 2012 and Caru Skincare was born. Quite simply, it is a skincare line she wished she could find in stores: 100% natural, organic, but also sustainable.

Indeed, it’s difficult to find all three: lotions always have artificial preservatives, many of the natural products are overly packaged and stored in plastic containers; a lot of products contain fragrances. Also, frequently the origins of the ingredients are misleading, for example, palm oil may come from Malaysia or Brazil but what consumers may not know is that palm oil industry Malaysia is destroying the rain forest, while the environmentalists support palm industry in Brazil as an eco-friendlier way to manage the land than cattle raising.

And so Dominique launched Caru Skincare, making products that are 100% natural, organic (when possible) and sustainable. Her beautiful website provides honest and transparent information about the origins of her ingredients and their  benefits, preparation and packaging processes.

Her first products are handmade cold-pressed soaps, made with fresh botanical ingredients, salts and clay. They are wrapped in beautiful recycled paper that is embedded with seeds. Plant it and it will grow into wild flowers!

I think it’s a beautiful story of a very impressive young lady who took a courageous step away from Hollywood lights into a brave new world of entrepreneurship, hoping to illuminate not only our skins but also our awareness of sustainable organic farming around the globe.

Caru Skincare has launched in New York so please spread the word among your friends and family in the US and check out Dominique’s website www.caruskincareco.com.



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